The renewal of the ancient in a modern context that does not distort the authenticity of the place. One of the most important historical buildings of the fifteenth century in Florence, located on the hills, becomes the subject of a restoration project that dialogues with the new soft, contemporary and elegant environments, where the refinement of materials becomes original.
The use of two design icons such as the freestanding bathtub Vieques by Agape and the Pipe by Boffi, relate to each other resuming the historicity of the environment.

From the hill of Pian de Giullari the view of Florence is superb and incomparable, to the point of having been a source of inspiration for poets such as Eugenio Montale and Ugo Foscolo, who frequented the Renaissance residences commissioned by the noble families of the city. Pian dei Giullari, an evoker of Tuscan land and of ancient joy, where Villa Capponi is located, a real estate and artistic patrimony returned to its ancient grandeur thanks to the restoration work admirably carried out by the architect Pierluigi Sammarro.

The master bedroom is characterized by the centrality of the freestanding bed, placed away from any wall to avoid obscuring the wonderful original frescoes meticulously restored. The warm and neutral colors of the master bedroom allow, then, to enhance more the architecture and decorations of this room full of precious details. A makeup area and a walk-in closet, with minimal profiles, complete the space, emphasized by a careful study of light and adjacent to the bathroom.