Kobel is one of the major companies in selling resin materials and furniture. The project of the building wanted to emphasize the usage of the same materials that characterized the location with linear artifacts and giving at the same time importance to the light and the colour.

The entrance to the office and the business area have been designed with a big architectural element created in corten steel, so that could give an accurate line to the location. Very peculiar is the wall with the wooden material exposition. The chromatic game that has been created by different materials presented, is well balanced thanks to some irregular weaves that form a mosaic. The juxtaposition of all these parts produces a movement in the area and creates a three-dimensional wall, that gives us the sensation of coming out straight from the facade.

Promotional areas like these ones, give wide-ranging to everything it is showed and to the furniture that are used for the exposition. The light surrounds and embraces every surface making the location comfortable.