It is an elegant boutique located in a street from which takes the name, in the center of Rome, within a stone’s throw from Colosseum. In this eccentric boutique, people get captured from outside desing first and from the inside ambience later : a mosaic’s excellent chromatism on the floor, that “magically” twisted on itself becoming roof.
Elegant lines, fluent and light place, linear and essential, characterized its interior with its walls that divides the location within closing it. An exposition place, a dressing room, glass cubes on the central mosaic, all strictly tailor-made in a room large just 3,00 m.

The boutique is divided in two levels that are linked between them by a white resin staircase. It is a architectonic game of elements being the Merulana 114 ‘s result.
In this boutique the light plan has been carefully achieved, to capture the pedestrian’s attention in the night compelling them to focus on the shop window and the clothes in exposition.