In a building of the Roman capital, starts the will and desire to transform and revolutionize completely a traditional house with an innovative look and a radical reconstruction.
The project for this 85 sqm apartment modifies completely the previous distribution and, with a few details of formality, enhances the environments, maintaining a close relationship with the surrounding area.

All the furnishings including the kitchen have been custom designed. Important the glass wall that defines the spaces and becomes a characterizing element of the environment.
From the entrance to the living room the open environment is organized and furnished taking advantage of the walls in height; the essential and regular furnishing emphasizes the modern character of the living room.

The choice (a-chromatic) of white for most of the large furniture is motivated by the need to enhance the natural brightness and warm tone of the parquet, which is natural oak.
Great importance is given to the choice of lighting, which is studied in every detail.