Gulf of Squillace or Gulf of Oranges, terms that unite tourism and ancient history of Calabria.
White beach, crystal clear sea, in a bay with a fabulous view, develops the super penthouse, designed for a couple of entrepreneurs, who wanted to enhance a property on two levels located in a historic building in the center of Soverato.

The project thought out in its entirety, led to develop an unused under roof, in order to make the two levels dialogue, with large environments, enhancing and defining the breathtaking views.
Natural materials that dialogue in the totality of the decorum and composure.
The environments have been designed with respect for functionality, elegance and softness, without contrasting each other.

The living room, expressive in its elegance, becomes the expression of the project, connected with a glass door to the studio, and the entire back sleeping area, elegant and comfortable, where the choice of materials and accessories has been sharp.
Icons of design, such as furniture and lighting, Flexform, Groppi, Cassina, Talenti and others.