“Dame di Toscana _ boutique hotel” is located 10 km outside of Florence, around the corner of Lastra a Signa, a medieval village. The newest construction is composed by six independent accommodations that were dedicated to Medici’s women family, and built according to the bio-architecture principles, finely furnished with a modern design touch.

The raw-materials used to build the hotel, are all ecological: natural durmast floors in parquet, Rapolano’s travertine-marble for the bathroom and balconies covering, Frassino’s wood for the furniture. Moreover, the project presents an external garden rich of aromatic plants and a rooftop garden with a Jacuzzi tube that overlooks the countryside surroundings.
All interior spaces have been designed in details. A great importance has been given to the lighting plan in a simply and sober way, in order that all can be matched with the backgrounds.

A contemporary building whose residences are all harmonized by the white color. This location leitmotif is the great purity for the forms using materials by soft and elegant tones.
In this Tuscany corner yet to be discovered, with an old and natural touch you could feel the Medici’s beauty and noble territory enjoying all comfort.